Advances in dental materials and techniques continue to provide us with new ways to create healthy smiles. As a result, we now have choices when it comes to materials used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. This, however, has not eliminated the usefulness of traditional dental restoration techniques. The office of Glenwood Dental Care offers amalgam as well as composite fillings to suit the needs of our patients.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings have been the most popular filling material used for the last 150 years. Amalgam consists of a combination of metals including silver and mercury. With the more recent advent of tooth-colored materials for tooth restoration, amalgam is used less often than in the past; however, the newer materials cannot be used in all situations. Amalgam is less costly and in some cases, holds up better over time.

Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite or tooth-colored fillings are virtually invisible, and therefore, can be used for any tooth. They provide good durability and resistance to fracture for small-to-midsize restorations. Less tooth structure is removed often resulting in a smaller filling than amalgam, and they can be "bonded" or making them a more conservative repair.

Fillings are typically placed under the effect of a local anesthetic. Any existing decay on the tooth is removed. We will then place the filling material into the tooth and polish it to give it a smooth appearance.

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