Dental Implants


In the U.S., more than 35 million people are missing at least one full arch of teeth. Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, difficult to use, and they do not address the jaw bone deterioration that occurs after tooth loss. Now, thanks to modern dentistry, getting replacements that are virtually as good as your natural teeth is now possible. Dental Implants offer a permanent replacement solution for missing teeth. An implant is a screw-like tooth root replacement made of titanium that is surgically placed into the jawbone. It fuses with the bone to become a permanent part of your oral structure. Implants can be used to support a full set of prosthetic teeth as well as crowns, bridges or dentures.

Implants are stable and supportive restorations that offer many benefits:

  • They prevent jawbone deterioration
  • They help restore the look of your smile.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They help improve chewing ability, speech, digestion and facial shape.

All-on-4 Implants

With this exceptional system, you will not need an individual implant for each missing tooth! It will only take four precisely placed implants on the top arch and four on the bottom to restore a full smile. Best of all, because the implants are made of titanium, over time, they will fuse to living bone and become a part of it - creating a strong, permanent foundation for your beautiful, new teeth.

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