Introduction to Crowns And Bridges – Glendale Heights, IL

Dentistry has created multiple treatments for the different needs of people regarding their dental needs. From diagnosis, treatments, preventions, cosmetics, to restoration everything is being planned out carefully and adequately to provide the best possible results for a more beautiful and healthy overall dental health of patients. Patients who have damaged or missing teeth wants a solution that does not only restores the teeth structure but also improves its appearance without compromising its function. We at Glenwood Dental Care offers Crowns and Bridges as a solution for restoring patients missing or damaged teeth for a natural looking beautiful smile that can boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a type of an indirect restoration performed to repair damaged teeth that cannot be saved by dental fillings. A crown is shaped as a cap which is placed over the affected tooth to fix it’s appearance, function, and strengthens the structure. Each crown is custom-made for each patient to ensure its resemblance to the other healthy structures surrounding it for better aesthetics. For its placement, the tooth that needs the treatment is prepared by grinding some part of the teeth enamel to make room for the crown. Grinding the tooth to its proper shape is essential to make sure that once the dental crown is placed, it would not get in the way of proper chewing and talking. After the tooth preparation, an impression is taken to serve as the model of the custom-creation of the permanent crown. It usually takes at least two dental appointments for the completion of the treatment since the dental crown is created in an off-site laboratory. And while waiting for the permanent dental crown, a temporary restoration is placed on the exposed tooth to protect it from bacteria that can cause damage. Once the permanent crown is ready, it is placed on the tooth with dental cement to ensure it’s proper adherence to the tooth for a long-lasting restoration.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a type of an indirect restoration performed to patients that have single or multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge, as its name implies can ‘bridge’ the gap between teeth; it is composed of dental crowns at either side that would serve as anchors and pontics (fake teeth) that would serve as the replacement of missing teeth. For the placement of the dental bridge, the opposing teeth in the area of the gap should be prepped by grinding some of its structure to make room for the placement of the crowns that act as the support of the bridge. Like crowns, an impression of the teeth is also taken to ensure a proper and snug fit once the custom-made dental bridge is placed. While waiting for the permanent bridge to be cemented in place, temporary restoration is placed to protect the exposed teeth from damage.


Missing and damaged teeth should not be disregarded even if the area is not easily seen when smiling. Gaps caused by missing teeth can result to shifting of the healthy teeth structures resulting in bone loss, deterioration of facial structure, and in other cases, it may even cause gum disease if left untreated. Most people with missing or damaged teeth are not only affected physically but mentally as well; they tend to avoid other people due to their loss of confidence and lowered self-esteem. Thanks to restorative dental treatments, patients can get a solution for their missing or damaged teeth with Dental Crowns and Bridges.


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