Captivating Facts About Teeth You Need to Know – Glendale Heights, IL

Teeth are more than just a tool used to bite or chew foods. It also has an impact on how persons see themselves, their confidence, growth, and even development. These little chompers can do so much for a person, which is why they also deserve some attention!

We present you some facts about these small white knights!

Bonus Weird Fact:

If blood and sperm banks are quite common, you might be surprised to hear that Norway has a facility for storing milk teeth! Norwegian scientists encourage parents to donate their child’s teeth to build the largest tooth bank in the world. It’s purpose? They believe that baby teeth can serve as indicators for the pollutants present in the environment. The researchers can also find out what contaminants affects the health of both the parent and child. They do it by studying the teeth with blood or urine sample from parents.

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